What does BRAVE look like?

What Does Brave Look Like?

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston S. Churchill

Volumes have been written on bravery. On courage. On perseverance.

And, yet, I still find it hard to do. To move outside my carefully-crafted-comfort-zones that seem to promise safety and security.

An illusion at best, comfort zones really don’t keep us safe. They keep us in ruts and ridges and resignation.

Believing in Jesus as I do, I am completely convinced that we don’t serve a “rut and ridges and resignation” kind-of-God. Typically, at least in my experiences, God reaches down and messes-up-the-well-coiffedness of our lives. Just when I think I have it altogether, whoosh! Bam! Pow! God invites me to get out of my comfy-living-room-lazy-boy, to GROW.

The Slow Walk Towards a Better Life

There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Sometimes bravery involves laying down your life for something bigger than yourself, or for someone else. Sometimes it involves giving up everything you have ever known, or everyone you have ever loved, for the sake of something greater. But sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it is nothing more than gritting your teeth through pain, and the work of every day, the slow walk toward a better life. That is the sort of bravery I must have now.”
Veronica Roth, Allegiant

What does BRAVE look like?

Nothing on earth thrills me as much as seeing YOU excel. Seeing you awaken to your personal value, aware of your capacity and potential, and most importantly, see you become a radiant presence in the lives of everyone in your sphere of influence.

Seeing you walk towards a better, more remarkable life.

Today, let’s be brave together.

I’m moving way outside my comfort zones today. Launching my very first eCourse, “Be Remarkable Foundations.” First delivered as a free webinar and three-week summer intensive, “Be Remarkable: Three Proven Secrets to Becoming the Woman God Created You to Be,” has been honed and toned into a inspirational, intentional three-week personal eCourse.

I have to admit. It’s a brave move. One I fought long and hard. It’s so much easier to stay in that comfy zone we create for ourselves.

Anytime we put ourselves “out there,” we risk failure.

But, at this stage of the game, I’d rather risk failure than remain wrapped in fear.

So, let’s be brave together. Is there something you’ve been wanting to try but have been too afraid to take the first step?

Go ahead. Be brave. Yes, there will be challenges, but you’ve got a remarkable community of women, right here, cheering you on!

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Thanks to technology, you can gain immediate access to the course. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

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