Join Author and Board Certified Life Coach, Janell Rardon, as she begins a much-needed, powerful conversation about the power and effect of our words.


Announcer:               Words matter. They can change the course of your day. Just listen. You are brave. You’re stronger than you think. You have value, worth and dignity. Don’t you feel better already? Welcome to Speak Healing Words, the podcast. Join author and board certified life coach Janell Rardon as she opens a very important conversation about the power of our words.

Janell Rardon:          Hello, and welcome to the Inaugural Podcast of Speak Healing Words. I am so glad you’re here. This has been a dream tucked away in my heart for quite some time. Today is the day, a remarkable day, when we open a conversation about the power of our words. I’ve been in love with words for as long as I can remember. In a first-grade classroom as the teacher I would have a whale of a word every Monday. As my students would go home and lookup in the dictionary the definition and then put it in the fishbowl, by Friday I would pull out a winner. It just goes one and on. I just love words. As my dear pastor has said, “Janell is a woman who looks at the words within the words.”

Janell Rardon:          When my children were younger I created a jingle, and it went like this, “Oh, your words are very important, so watch what you think and say. Oh, your words have the power to change a life, so think about them, every day.” Well that’s what we’re gonna do here, we’re gonna think about our words and we’re gonna learn how to speak healing words that will lead us into an incredibly rich and meaningful life. I am Janell Rardon, welcome.

Janell Rardon:          I’m an author, a speaker and a board certified life coach, who has committed, just committed my life to the three full cord of what I believe is emotional health and spiritual authenticity. That’s a healthy sense of self, healthy behavior patterns and healthy communication skills. When this three full cord is practiced and put into action in our lives, watch out, I truly believe the world we live in will be a different place.

Janell Rardon:          In 2017, at the end of the year, my newest book Overcoming Hurtful Words: Rewrite Your Own Story was published. I truly believe that it is the catalyst, the impetus, the foundation for what I was born to do. I want to talk about our words. How we talk to ourself, how we talk to our mates, our husbands, our partners, how we talk to our children, how we talk to our workmates, how we talk to our classmates, how we talk to our fellow church members and congregants. We have to realize how vital and important our words are. That’s what we’re gonna do here. We’re just gonna break open words, we’re gonna look at them, dissect them, we’re going to empower one another with them and we’re going to listen to other guests and friends who will tell us their stories about how someone spoke healing words into their lives. I just can’t wait. I seriously can not wait.

Janell Rardon:          One of the most important foundational words that we’re going to lay our whole life on is founded in ancient Proverbs 4:23. “Above all else,” king Solomon wrote, “Above all else,” three really powerful words. “Above all else guard your affections, for they, your affections, influence everything else in your life.” Today, why not get started, let’s look at the words within the words of this ancient Proverb, ’cause it truly is going to be the bedrock, it’s going to be the foundation, it’s going to be what you and I stand upon in order to live into that rich, meaningful life that God has promised each one of us.

Janell Rardon:          Above all else, three words that really say to us, “This is so important.” It’s put your oxygen mask on first. Above all else I want you to really, really consider your own heart, your own soul and mind first. I don’t know about you, but that is revelation all to me, that is new to me. Now you know I come from a Judeo-Christian world view. The Bible is the text that I’ve tried to live my life forward with. I take those words in the Bible seriously. It tells me, that I should above all else guard love, protect my own life. But I have …

Janell Rardon:          My own experience has been a lot of times in the context of Judeo-Christian teaching, it’s a burnout at all cost. “Oh, you shouldn’t love yourself, that’s very selfish, that’s narcicisstic. Oh my goodness, what do you mean self love, that’s new age, that’s terrible, you shouldn’t do that.” I adhered to that teaching for many, many years and as a type A, if you know the Enneagram, I am a type two with a very strong three wing. I don’t know how to take care of myself, so of course, Speak Healing Words, our podcast is gonna be coming from my perspective and my life experience, my story. It’s my hope that my story informs your story and that somewhere in my story you find your story. Stories are very, very important.

Janell Rardon:          I love these words by author Julie Beck, and she writes, “The English language is full of metaphors evoking the heart. People wear their hearts on their sleave. They have hearts of stone or hearts of gold. They have heart to heart conversations,” which I hope we have a lot of those here, “Or they are lighthearted or lionhearted. These metaphors and the language in which we talk about the heart show that we still, even at the very peak of scientific medicine, have those associations of the heart being psychologically and emotionally, and even spiritually, important.” Our hearts are very, very important, and Christ himself spoke in the Gospel of John that we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. That is not a selfish, ego driven, self love. That is a love that says, “We have to take care of ourselves. We have to put the oxygen mask on first, so that we can care and love well everyone in our sphere of influence.”

Janell Rardon:          Each one of us have a sphere of influence. Proverbs 4:23 tells us that, it says, “Above all else guard your affections, for your heart, your affections, your desires, your passions, your thoughts, your purpose, your endeavors influence everything else in your life.” If I don’t put on my oxygen mask first, if I don’t take the time to care for my own heart first, I am going to not have the capacity to offer everyone in my sphere of influence something healthy.

Janell Rardon:          This journey, this journey that we’re on, the Speak Healing Words journey is going to be founded, based, established on that ancient Proverb, Proverbs 4:23, you’re gonna get to know it very well. It’s also going to be established in a very simple fashion, because I’m very practical and I’m very simple on is this healthy or is this unhealthy? Is how I’m talking to my heart healthy or unhealthy? Is how I am talking to my mate, my partner, healthy or unhealthy? Is how I’m talking to my children healthy or unhealthy? Is how I’m talking to my friends and coworkers and peers healthy or unhealthy? How I’m talking to my community of faith congregants, the people I walk through life with, healthy or unhealthy?

Janell Rardon:          It’s really that simple. I hope that our time here, in this sacred space, this time that we have together will be an engaging conversation that leads you, my dear friend, to living your most remarkable life. There’s something that has been brought to the world of psychology and counseling that’s called human flourishing. I like to think of myself as a professional committed to helping humans flourish. It’s just that crazy. I want you to flourish. I want you to absolutely understand your God breathed capacity, your God breathed potential, that God breathed enabling that was breathed into you in Genesis 27, in your beginning, in your God created beginning.

Janell Rardon:          Today is all about just getting started, it’s about saying hello, it’s about getting to know one another. So please, subscribe and join me over on my Facebook page, Janell Rardon, you can just @Janell Rardon or @Speak Healing Words, and you’ll find me over on Facebook. Join our Speak Healing Words online community. Just go to my website, Janell, J-A-N-E-L-L, and you will see a little place where you can put your name and your email, and you will join our Speak Healing Words community and receive nothing but inspiring, practical, rich, powerful messages and resources that will enable you to flourish, ’cause that is what we’re all about here, nothing but that.

Janell Rardon:          I encourage you to hop on over and join those two places. I’m also on Instagram, @janellrardon. All of these resources are available at our fingertips, to enable us to daily connect, to daily make decisions to speak healing words, to love one another deeply, to grow in our faith and ultimately flourish. I’m so thankful you’re here and I look forward to our next time together and I can’t wait to hear from you. You have a remarkable day.

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