There is no better way to start Season 8 and our new year than to have this lovely conversation with the author of ‘To Light Their Way,’ Kayla Craig. Kayla has been called a modern liturgist, an ordinary woman committed to sharing her truth, experience, and wisdom on the power of common, shared prayer. Sometimes in life, there are NO WORDS to pray. We have to borrow the sacred echoes of words penned and prayed by those who have gone before us. Their words ‘light our way’ and give us hope and healing. Let’s listen with this one question in mind: What do I believe about prayer?

Kayla Craig, “To Light Their Way”

A New Year, A New Unhurried You

Welcome to 2022.

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Meet Kayla Craig

It’s hard to believe we are in Season 8 of “Today’s Heartlift with Janell,” but we are!

To kick off this 2022 Season 8, we have the remarkable Kayla Craig, Author of “To Light Their Way.”

This stunning book of prayers and liturgies is a breath of fresh air.

I am so very blessed Kayla said, “YES!” to be our guest on the podcast and even more blessed to have had this worthy conversation with her.

Episode Shownotes

  1. Meet Kayla and hear from her heart.
  2. Understand how “the seemingly ordinary things” of our daily life can lead us to our destiny. As you listen, reflect on the ways God has shown up in your life. Kayla shares how God showed up during a very distressing medical crisis in her family’s life. As a podcaster herself, she was sent a book of prayers during this time, which helped her see the value of “borrowing the prayers of others” when you can’t seem to find the words yourself. This led her to begin crafting her own prayers.
  3. Ask yourself, “What do I think about prayer?”
  4. Learn how written prayer can help us find the right words to pray.
  5. Use the Japanese art form of HAIKU to begin crafting your own prayers. I love HAIKU and am developing a short online course on using HAIKU as prayer, all because of my conversation with Kayla. She reminded me of how much I loved teaching Haiku to my junior/senior high writing/literature students and how I loved using it with senior high girls at a fabulous weekend retreat. Stay tuned. It’s coming SOON!
  6. Find a renewed sense of purpose as a parent and create new rhythms of prayer in your family’s daily life.
  7. AND, I just found that Kayla writes for PBS Parents! Who knew? Take a look at all her great articles and resources:
  8. I especially love this article on “Creating New Family Traditions in the New Year.”
  9. Be sure to take my FREE mini-online-course, “Everyday Epiphanies” and jumpstart your prayer-writing journey.

Watch Kayla & Janell’s Conversation

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