“Rejoice in every aspect of life—big or small. Let nothing pass you by. Appreciate everything—whether it is perceived as good or bad. You have the power to turn any experience into a pleasurable one. Challenge your preconceptions and luxuriate in the simple things of life.”

Jennifer L. Scott, Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris

A Calmer, Happier Home

(Be sure to visit Jennifer’s YouTube Channel. So many tips and tricks to make your home more efficient.)

I’ve Longed for a Calmer, Happier Home & Life

I was sitting in a darling cafe chatting with a dear friend and she mentioned: “Madame Chic” and the work of Jennifer L. Scott.

When I found her YouTube Channel, I fell completely in love.

Her straight-to-the-point, no-sense approach spoke to my very cluttered mind and I thought, “I wonder if I could get Jennifer to come on the podcast.”

I reached out.

She said, “Yes.”

I almost fainted.

And, then I prepared for our episode.

The more I read and watched, the more excited I got.

Meet Award-Winning Author & Content Creator, Jennifer L. Scott

In this episode:

  1. Get to know this lovely, authentic HEARTLIFTER.
  2. Enjoy Jennifer’s great course on making home more efficient.
  3. Hear her heart on making home safe, sound, secure, and SENSATIONAL.
  4. Examine the atmosphere of your home and transform any chaos into calm.
  5. Respond to the invitation to “make the small things the really big things.”
  6. Review this episode with Amy Anderson and quiet your heart with our Lectio Divina reading.
  7. Jennifer helps us with “8 Ways to Not Overreact and Remain Unbothered.”
  8. Etiquette Chat: 5 Rude Questions and How to Respond with Elegance and Class.
  9. More on EFFICIENCY from Jennifer.

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