Identifying our soul clutter is not anything to be ashamed of. Before we can progress in uncluttering, we must first pay atttention to the pain and identify the problem. Paying attention can be a slow process easily discounted by impatience.”

Trina McNeilly, author of “Unclutter Your Soul: Overcome What Overwhelms You

3 Ways to Unclutter Your Soul

We’ve all heard of Marie Kondo, I think. If you haven’t, she found her way into many of our hearts through her book, “The Magic of Tidying Up.”

I like to think of this week’s podcast guest, Trina McNeilly, as the Marie Kondo of our souls.

Trina’s newest book, “Unclutter Your Soul,” gives us three ways to unclutter our souls:

  1. Observe. She invites us to “listen to the soundtrack of our lives.”
  2. Own. She encourages us to tell ourselves the truth.
  3. Overcome. She partners with our community’s intention to tell yourself a new story.

Be sure and get a free sample of her audiobook.

And, take her QUIZ: “How Well Do You Handle Stress and Anxiety?”

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