True self, when violated, will always resist us, sometimes at great cost, holding our lives in check until we honor its truth.

Parker J. Palmer

Let Your Heart Speak

What Does It Mean To Let Your Heart Speak?

Learning to Honor Our Truth
Learning to Honor Our Truth
Let Your Heart Speak
Ask: Am I skimping on my inner work?

Heartlifters, this episode with Author and Graphic Recorder, Sherrill Knezel, went long, but every second of this remarkable conversation is filled with life-giving, heartlifting wisdom.

Sherrill’s story speaks of courage, strength, openness, flexibility, and a remarkable belief in her gifts and talents and shows us what it means to let your life and heart speak. Her brave personal decision to celebrate her 50th birthday by attending a Growing Edge Retreat with Parker J. Palmer and Carrie Newcomer led her to this collaboration with the remarkable Parker J. Palmer.

Her new book, “Heart Speak, A Visual Interpretation of Let Your Life Speak “(by Parker J. Palmer), includes more than seventy heartfelt images to go along with excerpts from Palmer’s book, “Let Your Life Speak.” Heart Speak pairs these images with brief personal reflections. Sherrill invites us to explore and embrace our own limits and potential as we listen to our innate courage.

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