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Recently named 2nd in Feedspot’s Top 100 Mental Health Podcasts, Today’s Heartlift invites you to grab a cup of something delicious and listen in on remarkable conversations about faith + mental health issues. Become stronger every day.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

The Extravagant Love of God

The Extravagant Love of God

"Like Mary, have you been criticized for something you've done?" -Women of the Passion, Session 2 The Extravagant Love of God Extravagant, adj., "exceeding what is reasonable or appropriate." She must have loved Jesus so much. Jesus was in many ways a part of her...

Palm Sunday

Jesus also arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey, which was considered highly symbolic. At the time, a king riding a donkey symbolized peace, while a king on a horse symbolized war — while Jesus was not technically a king, his followers considered him to be King of Israel....

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The Voices on the Other End of the Phone

Soothing words, Uplifting Music

Listen in the car, as you take a walk in nature, or sitting by the ocean soaking up God’s creation. Janell gets right to the heart of matters concerning the heart, mind, and spirit. Start your day with her encouragement or end your day with a soothing “conversation” with Janell.

Today's Heartlift is Awesome

Janell Rardon is a wise and generous teacher! She shares so much wisdom, insight and information in each podcast! She’s speaks clearly and from the heart! She is focused, so she covers so much information clearly and effectively. She also honors the time efficiently, which is great blessing for a mom who doesn’t have a lot of time to listen. I’d listen more in the car, but I always want to take notes!

Listen to my “stronger every day” conversations with friends & folks all over this glorious place we call home.

Anita Lustrea
Past to Power The Grace Parade
Todays Heartlift with Janell Podcast
Todays Heartlift with Janell Podcast
Todays Heartlift with Janell Podcast

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